Mason Bee House -Attract Orchard Bees to Your Garden

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  • This Mason Bee House for Your Garden will help attract pollinators
  • 5/16" sized holes replicate the natural cavities that Mason Bees are attracted to
  • Your Bees will pollinate and make your vegetation lush and fruitful
  • Attractive diamond shaped house is 11" tall x 4" deep x 5" across
  • Mason Bees are safe and docile to have around your home

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Product Description

The Mason Bee House is the perfect addition to any yard where trees, flowers, fruits and herbs need to be pollinated. This adorable little house will attract Mason Bees, which are safe and docile. The beautiful design, construction and finish will not only provide a wonderful home to attract these helpful bees, it will also be a conversation piece to anyone who steps into your garden. This Mason Bee House mimics the environment that Mason Bees are naturally attracted to in the woods. If you are looking for a way to naturally increase the beauty and fruitfulness of your yard, consider this Mason Been House. Handmade from Western Red Cedar. The 5/16" holes range from 2.5" to 3.5" deep. 11"tallx4"x5".

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