Hen Chicken Roof Mounted Weathervane Black Wrought Iron Handcrafted in the USA

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  • hen chicken roof mounted weathervane black wrought iron
  • handcrafted in the usa
  • flexible base

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Product Description

This roof mounted weathervane was handcrafted in alabama out of mild steel. The approximate measurements are: 25"h x 18"w x 13"d. It has been dipped in 2 coats of rust resistant paint so it may be enjoyed for many years to come. It comes complete with the top, nesw, and roof mount base. The base has 4 screw holes and can easily be bent to match the pitch of your roof, or fit around a post. It can also be bent flat if desired. This weathervane normally sells for $35+ in stores, so if you've ever thought about purchasing one for yourself or a friend, now's the time!!

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