3 Lb Hydrokorrels Hydroponic Expanded Clay Grow Rocks

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  • (3 LB) Hydrokorrels Hydroponic Expanded Clay Grow Rocks

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Derived from clay, substitutes plant soil in hydroculture/hydroponic applications. Marble sized grow clay balls used as soil free media with excellent air and water retention while lightweight and porous. Organic and sustainable inert material, pH neutral, nutrient free, ball shaped, and kiln fired in 8-16 mm in sizes. Does not compact insuring excellent reliable aeration. Perfect for ebb and flow systems, general pot planting, net pots, drain to waste, mushroom growing chambers, and hydroponic systems. Can be cleaned and sterilized after use for next application. Roots are supplied with water and nutrients through the porous pebbles supporting plant growth without holding excess water unless desired and submerged. Sold in 1, 2, 3, and 5lb bags.

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