Wheelbarrow Sifter for Compost and Soil

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  • Gives you a stone-free batch of garden soil or compost
  • Built-in carrying handles on each corner also let you give it a good shake for sifting
  • Galvanized mesh screen has 1/2" openings
  • Made of 1" thick cedar
  • The square tray measures 22 inches and 4 inches deep

Product Detail

Product Description

Screen fine, fluffy, attractive and nutritious compost and top soil at home. Sifted compost feeds your plants as it dresses up your beds with its beautiful texture. Screening aerates your compost and removes any lumps of material that are not "done". Remove pebbles and debris from garden soil for your very own supply of clean topsoil. Plus, this sifter will shake dirt from bulbs and roots ;it's much easier and faster than doing it by hand. The perfect size to screen material right into your wheelbarrow.

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