MILLIARD Decorative Rubber Doormat 18in.x30in.

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  • An attractive invitation for guests at any home or business entrance.
  • Made from durable weather-resistant rubber.
  • Designed to trap dirt and keep it in place. Non-slip.
  • Superior durability & long life
  • Measures 18in.x30in.

Product Detail

Product Description

MILLIARD Decorative Rubber Door Mats are an attractive and functional accent for your front porch or doorstep! Our molded rubber designs may look like art, but the intricate weaves and crevices also trap dirt and scrape mud off of shoes so that you can receive guests without also receiving the outdoors. The rainy season also won't waterlog this mat since it doesn't retain water, so mold can't grow on or under your mat after a good spring soaking. If the mat has seen more than its fair share of dirt and grime, just give it a good shake and it's ready for more! MILLIARD Decorative Rubber Door Mats are carefully manufactured with function and style in mind and their durable construction should provide years of satisfaction with proper use. Also, be sure to check out other great products by MILLIARD!

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