MAXSA Innovations 40226 Solar-Powered Motion-Activated 80 LED Security Floodlight, Black

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  • New and Improved LEDs make this light 50 percent brighter and one of the brightest on the market
  • Uses free energy from the sun
  • Easy DIY installation and no electrician needed
  • Light automatically turns on when motion is detected
  • Great for sheds, steps, porches and anywhere you need additional light

Product Detail

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 7 inches; 3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
  • Item model number: 40226
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Product Description

The MAXSA Innovations Solar-Powered Motion-Activated LED Security Floodlight is one of the brightest solar-powered, motion-activated outdoor security floodlights on the market. Its 80 LEDs never burn out or need changing. This unit puts out the light equivalent of a 40 watt halogen bulb without using one bit of electricity, because it draws the free power of the sun. This means low energy costs and low environmental impact with an amazing amount of light. Installation is so simple there's no electrician needed.

Light up Your Yard, Driveway, or Side of Your House

Bring extra light where you need it at night

The Maxsa Innovations Solar-Powered 80 LED Security Floodlight automatically turns on when motion is detected after dusk. Includes a 6-volt 4 Ah sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, solar charging panel, and a 15-foot cable. Activates up to 150 times when on for 1 minute at a time. Plastic body. Available in off-white (model 40225) or black (model 40226).

Free Energy From the Sun

Throughout the day, the solar panel converts direct sunlight into electricity to charge the battery inside the light. Durable weatherproof housing protects the solar panel in all weather conditions. Complete with a 15 foot cable, the 150x200 mm solar panel can be positioned to receive the most sunlight whether mounted on rooftops or the sides of buildings. The solar panel has an adjustable base so it can be used on both flat and angled locations.

Works Year Round, In All Climates

Durable construction with heavy duty encasement is totally weatherproof and has an IP44 weather rating.

Fully Adjustable Settings

This light is fully programmable to suit your needs. Set the duration of the illumination from ten seconds to one minute. The motion-sensitivity and light sensitivity can also be adjusted by simply turning the knobs.

What Makes the Maxsa Solar-Powered 80 LED Security Floodlight So Useful?
  • No electrician required
  • You can add these outdoor lights anywhere
  • The light only turns on when someone walks by
  • No more stumbling or possibly falling
  • Scares away intruders as well
What's in the Box?

Maxsa Solar LED Security Floodlight with rechargeable battery, solar panel, 15-foot solar panel cable, mounting hardware, User Guide.

Light up doorways, walkways, patios, RVs, and more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I put my solar panel anywhere?

A: Your solar panel needs to be placed outside in a sunny area and needs to face the southern sky. If it is in the shade it will still charge, but not as well as in the sun. If it is behind glass, it may not charge properly.

Q: What if the power cord isn’t long enough to suit my needs?

A: 15 foot extension cords are available from MAXSA Innovations. You can connect more than one if you need to, however it is recommended that no more than three are used.

Q: How long will the light stay on?

A: The light will stay on as long as it detects motion and the battery has power. When fully charged, the battery should be able to provide up to 120 minutes of light in total before it needs to be recharged. If there is no motion, the light will turn off after 10 seconds to one minute, depending on where you set the TIME dial.

Q: What type of batteries does it use and how long do they last?

A: This light uses a rechargeable 6V 4 Ah sealed Lead-Acid battery. It should last at least 3 years, depending on use. When it is time to replace the battery, you can find a replacement from any battery retailer.

Q: How long does my light need to charge before I can turn it on?

A: You should do an initial charge of three days with the solar panel connected and the light switch in the OFF position. After that, you can switch the light to AUTO. It should charge enough during the day to last through every night.

Q: Will the light stay on all night long?

A: No. This light is motion-activated only. It will stay on as long as it detects motion and the batteries have power. On a full charge, the batteries should last for roughly 90 minutes.

Q: How dark does it need to be for the light to start turning on?

A: This is determined by you. If you want the light turn on during the day and during the night, set the LUX dial towards the graphic of the Sun. If you want it to turn on only when it is very dark out, set the LUX dial towards the graphic of the Moon. You can set it anywhere between as well depending of the level of darkness you desire before the light turns on. NOTE: If you have it set for very dark, any other lights that are nearby may prevent this light from turning on.

Q: Will the light continue to work in extreme weather conditions?

A: The light works best between temperatures of 20°F and 120°F. If it’s colder than 20°F, the battery may not function as well, however it will resume normal function once it warms up. The light is designed to withstand normal dirt and water exposure as well, but may be damaged by hurricanes and cannot be submerged in water.