G8LED 90 Watt LED All RED Flowering BOOST Grow Light

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  • Grow Green with G8LED Technology!
  • All Red 630nm & 660nm for FLOWERING / BLOOM
  • SAVE 20% on this light with the purchase of any other G8LED grow light
  • Add to your G8LED setup for a Flowering BOOST - 110V - No Ballast Needed
  • Reduce Heat - 10% of the Heat Output of a HPS light
  • 1 light per 10-12sf of grow area when used with G8LED Grow Lights
  • G8LED High Quality and High Performance Grow Light

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Product Description

The 90 Watt LED All RED grow light is a supplemental light that is added to any G8LED Veg/Flower panel (G8-240, G8-450, G8-600, G8-900) during flowering. The 90 Watt LED All RED grow light will add a boost during flowering and is part of the G8LED growing system. The red spectra are absorbed by the plant for increased size during flowering. This LED is compact and can be used in almost any space. The light can be hung right next to your main G8 panel, on the wall or angled. Grow Green with G8LED Technology!

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