Appalachian Emporium's Live Moss Cladonia Lichens Kit Mix for Terrariums Vivariums Bonsai Gardens

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This is for a mix of different mosses and lichens so you can build your own terrarium. You will receive 2 quart bags full. 1 bag will contain a nice mixture of mosses (what is currently fresh such as feather, rockcap, etc.) and the other bag will contain other goodies such as rare lichens/ mini-vines, forest floor plants, etc. We give nice kits and will make a nice terrarium. You may not get exactly everything mentioned, but it will be a good variety! A lot of the cost for terrariums is in the container itself. Most people have a vast supply of containers such as old jars, water pitchers, and even vintage glassware. You can use almost any cleaned container for your own unique look.

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