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  • 30 moso bamboo seeds
  • Cold Hardy
  • Phyllostachys pubescens, common name MOSO Bamboo Excellent high branching bamboo windbreak or screen with moderate spreading.
  • Pls check the detail instruction below

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Instruction of how to plant these seeds:

First soak your seeds at least a day in warm water. Then soak paper towel and place in bottom of container. Then part wet soaked seeds onto paper towel. Place Saran wrap over entire container. Place in warm spot (light not necessary-they don't have leaves yet)
When they sprout and get to be about a half inch to an inch long, put them in potting soil container and plce saran wrap back on until they get their leaves.(they like humidity)
When they have leaves, you can leave Saran wrap off, but don't let them totally dry out. Buy a spray bottle at Walmart and lightly spray them every other day to keep moist. Put them in sun now.

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